Daybreak English

My name is Dawn, and I’m a qualified English Language Teacher. Would you like to learn English?

Maybe you…

  • want to increase your VOCABULARY, but not sure where to start
  • need to practise SPEAKING English and improve your PRONUNCIATION
  • struggle with GRAMMAR and making sense of the rules
  • need help with WRITING your creative ideas
Dawn at Daybreak English

Learn English With Me

I make short lessons which I publish both on my website and on my YouTube channel. I’m also planning on creating short courses to help you in learning English

I’m very excited to be teaching online, and would love to talk to you about your goals in learning English.

Originally from Australia, I’m now based in the UK. After 15 years of working as a Dental Technician (making false teeth!) it was time for a career change. I had been correcting errors in my sister’s fiction books for children for several years, so it was natural for me to start teaching the language that I love.

Soon after I obtained the CELTA qualification, I began teaching English in Malta. I regularly record short lessons for my YouTube channel, and also post them on this website. If you are motivated to learn English, then join me at Daybreak English. Make sure to also sign up to my mailing list to receive updates from me!

If you have ideas on how I can help you improve your English, and in what areas you need help, then let me know. I may just make short courses about that to help both you and other people.

Have you ever fallen down a rabbit hole?

Down the rabbit hole is an expression we can use when we get so caught up in the search for something.

Find out how I fell down the rabbit hole, and how it inspired me to write this video!

I was asked how to use dawn, daybreak, and aurora correctly.

Dawn as a noun means the beginning of the day. My name is Dawn, and daybreak is a synonym of dawn. This is why my website is called Daybreak English!

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